This coloring page is the first in our year long series that is meant to provide you with all the information you would learn in an introduction to fashion course at the college level. 


The series begins with the history of fashion. We will then also explore these topics on a bi-weekly schedule with a blog, slack discussion and coloring page. 

  • History of natural fibers (cotton, silk, wool and linen) 
  • The Industrial Revolution 
  • Policy that lead to fast fashion 
  • How Synthetic fibers were needed for fast fashion
  • Terms to know 
  • Do "sweatshops" still exist 
  • What is sustainable fashion
  • Luxury Goods 
  • Consumption Psychology 
  • Modern Sustainable fibers
  • Sustainable design 
  • Sustainable certifications 
  • Can we end fast fashion? 
  • Navigating sustainability in your own life
  • Re-imagine fashion 


Fashion Origins Coloring Page