You Can Create Change


Last weeks blog kicked off a year of focus and trying to find purpose to lead an impact full life. If you missed it check it out here and I would love to hear your mission statements!

Diving into my mission statement I found that there were already so many sources of information on consumption, fashion and the products that we use. At first I started to get discouraged and felt like there is absolutely no way that my voice is needed in the repertoire of accounts focused on sustainability. As I dove into each account my view changed from feeling like there was no space for FA in the conversation to realizing that we have a different perspective to add and that we didn't need to mimic what was out there but be true to our own vision of facilitating change. Until the world has transformed from its current fragile state with global warming, plastic pollution, ocean acidification and mass extinction looming, we ALL have a role to play.

Find an area that inspires you, write your mission statement and don't give up. If your voice can reach one new person that may not know how to be sustainable, that may not be an activist or eco-warrior yet then your mission is worth it.

My encouragement for you is that there is space for your voice and your action in the space to create the future that we want to see.

Even if you feel that your too small to make a radical change, keep going. If your are donating money, volunteering or starting your own movement don't give up. While some movements instantly generate millions of followers, others take time and persistence. Don't be discouraged by numbers, but think of the small connections you can make that can create big change. So many times we give up when we are so close to having that next breakthrough that we needed.

To help keep myself accountable I created a weekly Wednesday check in where I evaluate if my actions are true to my mission statement and if I am being genuine or trying to create to please people.

Set a day each week to check in with yourself and see if you are being the change maker that you want to be.

With love,