Word of the Year

Did you start 2020 off with an optimistic view that it was going to be your year? Did you pick a word that was going to focus and describe everything that you were going to do?

Comment below what your word was and why (I absolutely want to know).

My word of the year is patience and when this word came to me on the eve of 2020 I didn't realize what God would have in store for the year and how desperately I needed His reminder of patience. I know that most of us think of patience as waiting, but I love this last part of the definition of that its accepting not only delay but suffering or obstacles without getting upset.

Patience with myself

Before the pandemic I was already feeling pressure on myself to pick up the pace of my life and that I needed to hurry to start a career, to make more friends in my new town and quickly check off those long term goals. Now I am coming to understand that I can't by pure force make all of these things happen and that if I am always looking over the horizon I miss what is in front of me now. Whatever season you are in try to find a means to enjoy it. For me my current situation is waiting patiently to start my career and patiently and diligently working on my long term goals knowing that accomplishing them won't be easy but by working on them a little bit each day I know I can get there.

This action of constantly looking for what's next is a key component in all of our lives that makes our accomplishments instantly feel unsatisfactory.

Patience with others

Just like we can not will our own future into being we can't hold this expectation for the people in our lives either. If you are struggling with a friend who won't take action or an apathetic family member, or even worse those friends and family members with different views especially political. Be patient with them support and love them through their circumstances and be constant in prayer for their situation that they will arrive to a conclusion that is right for them. If you haven't identified this impatience with yourself this trait might come across as nagging, gentle reminders or hints to others on how they should live their life, or always thinking that you can do something better. Let go of control of that gentle nudging you think is helpful, because its honestly just irritating to be on the other side. Be patient as your friends and family work it out for themselves.

Patience with the world

I want the world to be different than it currently is with value in the natural and people over profit, but that's not the world I currently see. I woke up in the middle of the night and the first thing that crossed my mind was why did Texas get rid of the plastic bag ban. I read the news on the president rolling back environmental regulations and have no words to properly express how this makes me feel. I look at the big corporations especially Amazon and realize their success comes from people (just like me) who are impatient and want things immediately.

Let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. - Galations 6:9

It can seem tiring waiting for all the things we want to happen in life especially the big things like solving climate change. My encouragement is to not grow weary of doing good. Each day practice patience and take steps to get the victory.

Ashlee Bushee, FA Co-founder