Tracking Your Goals Like a #MOM

This is how I spent so much of my life thinking of something amazing, starting to pursue it and then after a short period of time getting discouraged because there wasn't that instant momentum.

Yesterday listening to Mother's Day speeches at my church (online of course) I realized that you really have to mother your goals to see them through. It inspired me to create a comparison inspired by amazing Mom's to stick to our goals like they stick to us!

1. Reality of being pregnant sets in

  • You realize maybe you are not prepared or don't have enough background information to actually do this. Start reading books, listening to podcasts and learning as much as you can.

  • Tell a few key friends and loved ones what you want to accomplish and get their feedback to encourage you.

  • Its going to be a long journey, but don't give up now.

  • Write down what you want to accomplish and a rough idea of how you think you are going to get there. Just like a doctors visit check back to this weekly.

2. Waiting for birth

  • This is the period of our goals when most of us throw in the towel and walk away. Now is the time to press in during the wait. This is when a lot isn't happening. Maybe your creating content and not growing. You feel impatient and want the reward of your efforts.

  • Keep going. Look at what is working, what can you change and maintain your consistency and believe that your breakthrough is going to come.

  • This phase could be short or long but don't give up that it's coming.

3. Labor

  • Before our break through there is often a season of painful labor. This could be long nights, financial stress, putting yourself out there and being rejected.

  • This phase hurts and its uncomfortable and we all want it to be over. When this phase hits buckle down and tell yourself the prize is coming. Don't give up halfway through labor make it to the final push.

4. Raising up the child

  • You can see the fruit of your hard work and persistence enjoy this fruit, rest if you need it and then be prepared to keep up with your consistency to raise up this creation.

  • Enlist help to support your during this phase, we can't raise up the goal all on our own.

Accomplishing goals, especially the big life changing goals are hard. Think of where you are at in your journey to keep you focused. I know for me and many big goals I am just in the reality of being pregnant phase and researching. I am excited to get to the completion but am preparing now for the long journey ahead.

We were all made with a purpose, don't be discouraged that you don't have something amazing set out for you. Whenever you seek to grow and expand you will find it.

With Love