The Cost of Fashion Show After COVID-19

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I love fashion shows.

How can I not when there are fashion and show?

As a student majoring in fashion, the debut on a runway is a dream.

All the fairy tales and dazzling lights, however, look different now going through this COVID-19.


Everyone thought a fashion show was essential when it comes to the fashion industry. The fancier the show, the more famous the brand was. People wanted to sit on the front row, neglecting the true impact of the fashion show.

Even when I started to focus on the fashion industry's environmental impact, my thought did not reach the fashion show. To tell the truth, I only started to think about it from yesterday.

Chanel 2010 F/W


This was Chanel's F/W 2010 show. The famous Karl Lagerfeld's colossal fashion show imported 265 tons of iceberg from Sweden. I wonder if Chanel considered other creatures who might have lived there. What if you came back home and it was not there anymore? When I searched the Chanel Iceberg fashion show, The adjectives were all positive such as "the greatest," "the most fabulous," and "the best."

Chanel 2018 F/W


This was 2018 F/W. I hope they reused the trees.

The pandemic gave me a chance to see the world differently from how I usually see; how bubbly this world was. Seeing the virtual fashion shows, I realized we really made everything else but us suffer from our greed. The "great" fashion show, after all, did not have to be that grand. Virginie Viard who succeed from Karl Lagerfeld, announced no more imposing fashion shows by Chanel.

(courtesy Hanifa)

I currently major in fashion. I want to be a fashion designer and present my efforts to create the designs on a nice fashion show. The ways the fashion companies reacted to the COVID-19 brought me to a sense of deliberating the impact of fashion shows and opened the possibility of the better way to do it.