The 50th Earth Day and The Easy Ways 🌳🌼🌴

It's the 50th anniversary of Earth Day,

and only a decade left to cut emissions in half to have a chance of keeping global warming below 1.5 ◦C (34.7◦F), says the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (NPR)

Why does it matter? Because beyond 1.5 degrees, it is a real danger for life on Earth, and we only have 0.5◦C (32.9◦F) left.

According to "The Future We Choose," by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac

there could be two future scenarios, one where we didn't act and one where we did. If we didn't, It's a world of mass extinction, natural disasters and catastrophic ocean rise (NPR).

It’s not to threaten or scare you but to face the actual reality we are in. If you want to imagine the day when scientists have to say we are too far gone check out the scene from the TV show Newsroom, link at end (for me the potential reality of this hit really close to home).

We don't have to sit around and wait for the government or politicians to make changes. We have a choice. 🖐

Think this way, It’s not for the Earth, not for others. It’s for you.

What can we do about it? It's tooooooo easy.

✔ First, just use an item multiple times.

✔ Second, Choose quality over quantity.

✔ Third, Use ultra-efficient appliances.

Personally, I’m excited to use the Texas heat to dry my clothes this summer

✔ Fourth, why not one day without a red meat?

Red meat contains lots of embedded carbon.

Try a meal without red meat once or twice.

It's good for your health and good for the innocent animals too.

Let's get to the big talk.

we know that majority of environmental problems come from the big companies.

You might wonder if a little bit that you try even makes a difference.


it absolutely does.

Try to avoid the products from the environmentally irresponsible companies.

I know that we are surrounded by the conglomerates, and sometimes it’s impossible to live without them.

Individuals have two powers. One is a vote power. The other one is a dollar power (Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie).

I'll bring up Barbie just as an example. The company, Mattel, used to be a billionaire company. As the culture changed, however, they received more and more criticisms about the body images they produce. Their sales dropped in the consecutive quarters. In result? They released curvy, petite and tall Barbies, the opposite from the company's long-time persistence.

Companies watch where customers' dollar power heads.

Let's use it right.

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