Our Favorite DIY Beauty

The Beauty industry, until recently, has been heavily insulated from the criticism of environmental impact that the fast fashion industry has received.

It's impact can be just as toxic from the plastic packaging that the majority of our products are shipped in (120,000,000,000) yes 120 billion units of plastic a year. To the energy resources to synthesize the chemicals that go into most of our beauty products. Even if we all just switch one or two items from our routine to a lower impact DIY solution it can help save a tremendous amount of green house gases.

Sugar Scrubs

Chances are that you have some sugar somewhere in your home! While you can use salt for scrubs I prefer sugar as one time I used salt for an arm scrub and in the shower it felt very uncomfortable when I was rinsing it off.

I love this post because it breaks it down for you on the different types of sugar and oil that you can use in different sugar scrubs!

My personal favorite combo is real simple brown sugar, olive oil and a few drops of peppermint oil.

Herbal Remedies

I recently started my apartment style herb collection thanks to Gardenio- which is an Austin based female started company! If you can afford them I highly recommend as they are helping me keep my herbs alive.

Joint Pain- Parsley!

This you can drink in a tea- recipe here or you can make this into a compound cream and apply to the skin!

Classic Lemon and Honey Combination

I know you probably hear about honey way too much but this comes from a medical journal (read the whole paper here)

Honey is highly nutritious, it has traces of minerals and vitamins not to mention the antioxidants which destroy free radicals and delay ageing. In short, it is a safe and wholesome food for old, children and adults. Although not an herb, honey is a plant by-product and used medicinally around the world. Honey is also an energizer, helping workers and athletes overcome fatigue and regain energy. Children, young and old can alike take honey, without worrying any side effects. Honey is a multivitamin tonic, has antibacterial properties and has antioxidants. Nausea, cough, cold etc can be treated by taking honey with a tsp of tulsi (basil) leaf juice. Asthmatic persons can also benefit from taking honey everyday. Ayurveda acknowledges honey as a wonder medicine capable of providing longevity. Osteoporosis is another condition, which can be prevented by taking honey regularly. Modern researches have underpinned the wonderful effects of honey, proving honey to be effective against advanced cases of stomach and bone cancer. Taking one tablespoon honey with one tsp cinnamon powder three times a day and cancer symptoms receded in one month. Honey has several antioxidants, effective against cancer growth. You can take honey alone or with milk or water, with or without a pinch of cinnamon powder. Make honey a habit; it will keep you healthy, strong and fruitful. Honey is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal, and all of these properties make it ideal for healing wounds. It also dries out wounds effectively because of its low water content while its high sugar content keeps microorganisms from growing. Honey also contains an enzyme that produces the disinfectant hydrogen peroxide when it touches a damp surface like a wound.

These are just some of our favorites- by switching even 1 beauty item from a plastic bottle or something that has to be shipped we can help reduce waste and the Green House Gas emissions associated with making a product!

Let us know what your favorite is!