Only 5 Minutes to Save the Earth?

#recycleitright #recycling #plasticrecycled

We recycle because we care about ourselves, others, and the mother Earth that gives us everything.

Whenever I put the plastics in the recycle bin, I was proud of myself.

what if the way we cycle kills animals, and harms the environment?

I don't want to think that way, but it is true.

There's a simple rule that we can make things better.

This extra five minutes you spend will help the Earth!


1. Clean the contents inside the plastics !


It's not hard at all, do it when you do your dishes


2. Remove the label !

(Bottle Your Brand)

Find the weakest bonding spot between the label and the plastic container.

Put a knife there and peel it off. It's like treasure hunting 🎇.


3. Cut the jug ring !

(Planet Experts)

This is the turtle, Mae West

As a tiny hatchling, she inadvertently walked into a plastic milk jug ring and got stuck. As she grew she could not break his plastic belt around her waist. Her shell is permanently deformed, giving her an hourglass-like shape. -Planet Experts

Animals get stuck in it; they die from hunger and suffocation.

(Edinburgh Live)


We had the convenience of the plastic containers.

Now, it's time to put it away right 🐢.