Making Soy Wax Candles for the First Time

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I love walking into a space where pleasant scents welcome me. Among all scents, the soy wax candle is my favorite. I believe that it is better than paraffin wax for the health and beeswax for the cruelty reason. That is why I decided to switch to soy wax candles. However, it cost me a lot and wasted a lot of containers, packages, and carbon emissions because of the delivery.

I bought the materials to make candles right after the pandemic started. After a couple of months of adjusting time to my summer schedule, I finally could make candles.

Overall, it was easy and fun!

A candle also can be a beautiful home decoration


How I made my candles

The first trial

I watched a lot of different Youtube videos to learn how to make a candle at home and to figure out what I would need.

These are the things I used

Later, I figured that I didn't need the pot.

I needed a heater, a beaker, a bag of soy wax flakes, wicks, a thermometer, a scale, and a scent I liked. It also helped to have some fabric scraps to wipe the melted wax on the desk and a stirrer.

I put the wax in the beaker and heat it on the low heat. The heater gets hot fast, so be careful.

Excited seeing the wax getting melted!

An instruction about when to put the scent should be on the soy wax package because it depends on the wax you buy.

The scented oil should be added about a 7% to 9% of the wax.

Once you added it, stir at least for a minute!

Getting wax melted is easy. The hard part is waiting for it to cool down. It takes ages!

I learned later that I could add some more wax flakes to cool it down quicker.

Oh no....

It was not enough to fill up a glass, and I added the scent too late.

My first trial failed.😥

It's ok. I have so many unused cups to try!


The second trial

I learned that I need way more soy wax flakes than I think.

The volume of flakes reduces about half once it melts.

So I almost filled up the beaker.

And voila!

I could finally filled up this little glass.


What I learned from this experience:

💡I need a lot more soy wax flake than I thought.

💡I have to be careful when the beaker is on the heat not to overheat it.

💡I need to measure the volume right to add the scent.

I prefer a 9% addition to 7%.

💡I need to be careful not to make air bubbles

when I pour the melted wax into a container.

💡I was too ambitious with the wick. I'll go with a regular cord next time.


I'm happy with my candles!