Has July 4th Always Been a Party?

It’s 1776 and the American elites like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have tricked the common people into fighting for freedom from the British Oligarchs.

What you probably learned in your history class was that the Americans were being unjustly taxed by the British and that the only solution was a revolution. In reality these founding fathers were upset that they were not being treated as the wealthy Englishman that they were. The famous line in the Declaration of Independence that we cling to today of all men being created equal, was really saying that wealthy white men were equal whether they were from Britain or located in North America. It is a lie to extrapolate that sentence that the founding fathers were thinking about the rights of women, people of color, LBGTQ+ or poor white people.

So while the day is celebrated as a day of freedom, at this time in history it was only freedom for a small sect of America. Everyone else has had to fight and is still fighting for their equality that was declared an undeniable right to the wealthy white man.

The founding fathers used propaganda to deceive people into a false consciousness that the revolution had to happen for everyone’s benefit. The reality was that the victory meant the wealthy American elites could replace and take control over what was once held by the British Oligarchy.

The revolution did not benefit women, people of color, or poor people.

The date of July 4th was unremarkable after the signing of the declaration of independence until the Jeffersonians started to use Washington’s birthday as a day to protest what George Washington stood for. They would gather and march in the streets to demand change in the government. Later July 4th continued to be a date that stood for protest and demanding political change.

The fireworks were not seen as a celebration but as a reminder of war and the tragedy that was lost in battle. The original observations of the 4th were burning of oil barrels and dynamite.

Now if you do not partake in the utter obedience to the red, white and blue on the Fourth of July you are deemed an American heretic, even though It wasn’t adopted as a federal holiday until 1941. This year I denounce the red for the blood that has been unjustly spilled to keep the wealthy in power, white the innocence of nature that has been ruined, blue for the police corruption that has enabled a corrupt agenda. This year I don't partake in the Fourth and instead remind myself of the lack of progress in America to bring equality to those of us who were left out in 1776. This year there will be no themed party or celebration for the America that is celebrated is false.

Instead may we embrace it as it once was as a day of protest and declaration of what we do not agree with in our governments. Let’s continue to demand the changes that we want to see in our government and nation that is still ruled by a select few of wealthy people that use divisive propaganda to keep us pitted against each other to avoid overthrowing them. As we enter No Buy July let’s not only be mindful of our consumption and the individual items that we buy but also who they come from. The only way to change America is to quit giving our money to the wealthy.

Ashlee Bushee, co-founder