Finding Focus Outside Ourselves

Last week in self isolation I turned twenty-nine and while self isolation didn't impact my spirits too much the reflection of my earlier twenties sure did. While I do have items that I am proud of I felt like I had been working to try to make the world a better place, one that cares less about things and more about people and nature, without much success. As I sat quietly with God that birthday morning I realized that I my lack of success came from a lack of focus. So this is a dedication to a year of finding focus, outside of myself.

While I could spend a year trying to be the happiest, travel the most, or climb a corporate ladder to wealth this last part is focused on purpose for the greater good. I think that we can all agree that the world seems to be a mess from political corruption, fossil fuels, climate change, plastic pollution, immigration rights, LGBTQ rights, and the list could go on. If we all try to just dabble in a little bit of everything we can do nothing, and if we feel like we can't make a difference we spend our lives consumed with ourselves. Both I feel will end us feeling empty and during those monumental moments of reflection feel like we haven't done anything.

How to Get Started

For me I began writing and thinking about what things I enjoyed doing and what I was good at. Then I closed my eyes and imagined a different world one in which people during a pandemic were looked at as people not as "consumers". I imagined a world in which moms and families from all backgrounds and social economic status had the information about the products that they use to make the best decisions. I imagined a world in which the corporations that pollute our bodies, the air, soil and water would no longer be in business. This is what lead to my current mission statement:

I will use evidence based research to educate people and build community on the products that we use from cosmetics, to clothing, the food we eat and homes we live in, in order for all people to have healthy bodies and homes.

Next Steps

I invite you to join me on this journey and have some exciting opportunities for you to learn more about the chemicals in our products and our bodies.

Denim: Past, Present and Future - An online exhibition that explores the intricacies of denim including health and environmental impacts. Launching online 5/4/2020

Denim University: An online course exploring cotton and denim. Launching 5/18

What are you passionate about? How can you find focus this year to really make the world a better place?