Fashion Anonymous' Mindful Mondays #3

Hi Earth Lovers!

This weeks' emotions:Color is In   Color has always been in! Since the beginning of human existence, actually. The methods of bringing color to our clothing were initially natural and earth derived. However, newer synthetic dyes and chemicals processes have created a downside to colorful clothes because of the harsh effects they have on workers, the environment, and ourselves.

We'll be having an indigo dyeing event this Thursday as a fun and safe way to bring color to our clothes. Check out our exhibit To Dye For located in the Gearing Hall courtyard for more information on the impact of synthetic dyes and chemicals. 

Wardrobe Reflections Share your #WardrobeReflections pictures with us! 

These 5 exhibits, located by Turtle Pond, Gearing Hall front patio, West Mall in front of the Union, and behind Littlefield Fountain, will be on display until Oct. 4. 

Through these exhibits we hope to raise the campus consciousness about the social and environmental cost of our clothing. We ask students to reflect on their wardrobes and to aim for change in an industry so many of us are passionate about. Stay tuned for our blog stories on each exhibit.

F.A. Membership Interested in being a member? Join our organization through THIS link to stay updated on events and opportunities. Look out for our first members meeting in October. 

Coming Up... 

Indigo Dyeing  

Thursday, Sept. 19 @ 6PM  Gearing Hall (out on the courtyard facing the UT Tower) Give new life to an old shirt! Bring your clothes or fabric to dye in all natural indigo - safe for the planet, animals, and you.

Riverblue Film Screening Tuesday, Sept. 24 @ 7PM The Union Theater Join us for a film and trail mix bar! Riverblue is a documentary film about the pollution of rivers due to the global fashion industry.