Fashion Anonymous' Mindful Mondays #2

Hi Earth Lovers!

This weeks' emotions:

#SecondHandSeptember  Every week 11 million items of clothing end up in a landfill. Throwaway fashion is putting increasing pressure on our planet and its people - it’s unsustainable. Now there's something you can do to help. Join Second Hand September and pledge to say no to new clothes for 30 days.

We'll be hosting a clothing swap this Friday as a fun and sustainable way to get new clothes for Fall! Bring any clothes you're not loving anymore to exchange. 

Wardrobe Reflections Wardrobe Reflection Opening Night! Thank you to everyone involved in making this project a reality and for everyone that came out to show your support. These 5 exhibits, located by Turtle Pond, Gearing Hall front patio, West Mall in front of the Union, and behind Littlefield Fountain, will be on display until Oct. 4. 

Through these exhibits we hope to raise the campus consciousness about the social and environmental cost of our clothing. We ask students to reflect on their wardrobes and to aim for change in an industry so many of us are passionate about. Stay tuned for our blog stories on each exhibit.

Coming Up This Week... 

Fall Clothing Swap 

Friday, Sept. 13 10AM - 2PM  Gearing Hall (out on the patio facing the UT Tower)

Clean out your closet. Some things you can ask yourself are: Does this fit? Have I worn it in the last year? Will I wear it again? If damaged, can I mend it? Will I? Would I buy this again? Does this make me feel confident?