Fashion Anonymous' Mindful Mondays

Hi Earth Lovers!

This weeks' emotions:

Rainforest Fires  While this is something that has been going on for weeks, the amount of awareness that was raised this past week about the acres of rainforest land burning has been tremendous. Stories and pictures of the indigenous peoples, animals, and plants whose home is being destroyed are beyond heartbreaking. It can be so easy to feel hopeless in moments like these - knowing there are so many class and economic structures in place that allowed this to happen in the first place. The rise to action by individuals is necessary but so is that of the major corporations and government officials directly responsible for these fires.

In times like these, it's important to stay passionate about the change we want to see in the world. Being informed about the government officials advocating for a greener future, writing to and calling out those who aren't, and educating those around you are just a few of the things we can do to bring about positive change. 

Wardrobe Reflections Here at Fashion Anonymous, we're always thinking of building something bigger than ourselves. With Wardrobe Reflections, a five part exhibit on the harmful environmental and social impacts of the fashion process, we want to bring these issues to the UT campus. What starts here changes this world... as cheesy as that might be, that really is the end goal! By creating these exhibits we want to provide a platform for reflection. Clothing is something everybody wears so everybody should care where it comes from, who is making it, under what conditions, and with what chemicals and materials. We want clothing we put on our bodies to be seen with just as much value and importance as the food we consume.

Story on Wool A new blog post is up on some facts about wool! The good things and not so good things about it. 

Coming Up This Week... 

Sewing Demonstration 

Wednesday, Aug. 28 8AM - 2PM  West Mall (In front of the UT Tower by the FAC)

Stop by for a zero waste utensil pouch! One of the main reasons the fight for fair fashion is so important to us is because of the people involved. There are human lives suffering and dying for corporate profit.  Ways we can help:  1. Give a voice to the women and children suffering. Research these communities and find out about their needs and worries.  2. Avoid fast fashion purchases when we can. You can look up what brands are Fast Fashion.  3. Write, email, and tweet to the brands demanding change.  4. Talk about it to family and friends! Sometimes people simply don’t know about these issues.

To Read... 

Kate Glavan's Newsletter! Such an inspiration!! Kate is really doing it all. She's a 20 year old New Yorker studying politics and law at NYU. She writes content "for any woman who desires to see past the frivolous characteristics associated with women in fashion by shedding a light on larger societal issues with respect to women’s rights, environmentalism, social justice, and more."

- Anai