After Watching BoF Professional Summit, Bye Bye Fast Fashion And Racism?

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The Business of Fashion Professional Summit, It's Time for Fashion to Clean Up Its Act, was a half day long live talk. It was full of the most pressing issues.

The summit started with a simple pole.

What is the greatest challenge facing the fashion industry in 2020?

The result came out:

COVID-19 and the economic crisis was voted the greatest challenge in 2020 with 38 percent followed by sustainability and the climate emergency with 37 percent.

The chief executive of Levi Strauss & Co., Chip Bergh, talked about one of the challenges the fashion industry confronts.

Regardless of what Levi’s is doing to produce their jeans, the dialogue about the racial problem fashion companies are facing was interesting.

Mr.Bergh admitted that the improvement was less than mild over time and at the same time talked about how much effort the brand has been putting for workplace racial equality and for the black community.

It got me thinking....

How with big brands and companies they might be saying that they are being inclusive, that they support racial equity and the black community but could do this to keep sales up without any actual action. It reminds me of the sustainability movement and brands Green Washing for sales... are we now going to have to watch out for brands doing the same with Race?

Look at Band-aid promoting the different color shades of bandage now... like really I can't believe that it took them until 2020 to have multi color bandages?

I’m usually skeptical so, I tried to look at the bright side.

Good side of myself says it cannot be all marketing. There should be at least some percentage of sincerity generated from the wave.

On top of everything, it is true that the protest brought the attention and led the CEO's to make some important phone calls and to organize meetings which might systematically change the structure of the company.

The corona virus and the Black Lives Matter movement urged more aggressive action from the top level of the fashion companies.

Mr.Bergh talked about the post pandemic, and I hope that is true;

the stock holder focused capitalism is at the turning point. The attention is heading to the stake holders such as employees, partners and those who devote their time and effort to the company.

In addition to it, he was pretty sure about the fast fashion demolished. He said that the sustainability in fashion is becoming the mainstream and the pandemic is accelerating it.

COVID-19 provided an interesting case study to see how things like air pollution can be reduced very quickly as people also slow down. How can we slow down in our consumption of fast fashion?


Longer lasting clothes will be more important from a consumer stand point, which means that the companies will have to adopt the change.

It’s our dollar power guys! 💸

I enjoyed the session, but one thing that bugged me was that his only mention of race equality at workplace was confined to the black community.

I hope he understands all the different people of color that don't have equity.

Just forget everything and remember one.

We are all just the same human race and need to be fighting together for the equity of our fellow humans.


Am I secretly a racist?

You probably heard about Implicit bias from the news recently. The police department will start education about it.

What is implicit bias?

Here’s an easy explanation.

The researchers brought different racial patients to a hospital, and they found out the race affects the speed and the depth of treatment and the death ratio. 😰

What’s interesting here is that when the researchers showed the results to the doctors,

the doctors were shocked.

They truly believe that they are not racists.

That’s implicit bias. It’s not on the surface of your brain. It’s deep in your mind without you even realizing it.

Test your level of implicit bias at

Thank you for reading.