A Childlike Sense of Joy

It happened late at night when I was in the bathroom washing my face and getting ready for bed. I had just seen a shop owner of one of my favorite vintage stores post about how her hair had been falling out, but doctors kept telling her they didn't understand what was wrong. Her blood work was healthy, she exercised regularly and wasn't feeling stressed but there she stood with a recently shaved head. Seeing this made me so mad as this is the second friend this year that has had unknown health problems resulting in hair loss. It made me angry that researchers, scientists and doctors all agree there are too many novelty synthetic chemicals (630,000 new chemicals receive a patent each year).

Most in the community agree that the next waive of illness will not be things like polio and measles but people who will have chronic illnesses without a cure and with little understanding on what causes them.

I wasn't sure how to express my emotions and kept thinking of words in my mind but thought I am not a writer, I am not a poet or a painter or an artist. I have no credentials to share my experience this way! Then like a light bulb a remembered a scripture about having to be like a child (Matthew 18:3) and for the first time I understood what it was saying to me. When I was a child I was constantly creating. I would write little poem books filled to the brim with my feelings and then I I would ask my mom to bind the pages at work and at family dinner I would read from my poem book. I had sketchbooks of fashion drawings and would make doll houses out of newspaper. I never thought as a child that I can't share my creations. I proudly would share anything with anyone who listened. So today I reclaim that child like enthusiasm to build a community and talk about how feelings from joy to fear.

What outlet do you need to use to process your thoughts that you have been afraid of exploring?

Here is my poem that I scribbled down reflecting on the simplicity and trust in the world as a child to becoming an adult and starting to question why the world is the way it is.