A collaboration between Austin Creative Reuse x Fashion Anonymous

The Austin Community Quilt 2021 is a collective art project designed to bring our community together to reflect on the events of the last year.  

Each block will be created by a different individual or group from our community, and the blocks will be sewn together to create one quilt. We encourage contributions from Austinites of all ages, genders, languages, neighborhoods and backgrounds.

All are welcome here!

Tag and share your progress 

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austin Community quilt 

How can I get involved? 

Submissions accepted July 1, 2021 - September 10, 2021 

  • Create your square 

    • Work on your own, attend a drop-in event at Austin Creative Reuse or host a quilt-making party with your friends or family 

    • Each square should be 5” x 5” 

      • We are going to have to sew them together so leave 1/4" on each side out of your design ​

    • Squares can be made out of any kind of fabric – scrap fabric, old linens, a favorite t-shirt you’re ready to upcycle 

    • Embellish your square with sewing, embroidery, fabric paint, permanent markers, stamps, craft items, photo transfers, poetry – trust your imagination, the sky is the limit! 

    • We encourage reuse materials or using what you already have at home – no need to purchase new materials for this project 

    • Sign your piece if you like or stay anonymous 

    • All squares will be accepted unless the content is deemed inappropriate by the review committee 

  • Drop it off at one of these locations 

    • Austin Creative Reuse – 2005 Wheless Lane, Austin 78723 

    • Toybrary Austin - 2001 Justin Lane, Austin 78757 

    • ACC Highland - 6101 Highland Campus Dr, Austin 78752  

  • Or mail to Austin Creative Reuse - 2005 Wheless Lane, 2005 Wheless Lane, Austin, TX 78723 

Untitled design.png

​Share Your Story

  • When you submit your square, we invite you to share your name, social media, and the story behind your square and/or the materials you used. You can write this info on a piece of paper and attach it to your square with a safety pin.  This is entirely optional. 

  • Share images of your square and invite others into the project 

  • Tag us

    • @austincreativereuse, @thefashion_anonymous 

  • Hashtags 

    • #austincommunityquilt

    • #austincreativereuse

    • #fashionanonymous 

Need some inspiration for your square? 

  • What made  you SMILE this past year?  What made you CRY?  

  • What or who INSPIRED you this past year? 

  • What or who SURPRISED you this past year? 

  • How have you CHANGED this past year?  Are you a different person than you were last year?  

  • What’s ONE WORD you would use to describe the past year? 

  • What COLORS feel like they represent the last year? 

Once we receive all the submissions, our volunteers will carefully sew them together to complete the quilt, which will be on display starting in Fall 2021/ early 2022.

Stay tuned for display locations and your invitation to the launch party in the fall. 

Plan a Community Quilt night with your friends and family 

1. Use supplies from around your home or go to Austin Creative Reuse 
2. Follow @austincreativereuse and @thefashion_anonymous 
3. Plan a time to get together 
4. Create and then submit either the individual or a group square
Want to be more involved?  

email: info@austincreativereuse.org


Join us at Austin Creative Reuse for a create event. Stay updated at the ACR Events Page.